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Welcome to São Paulo State Tourist Portal!

Here begins your journey through the best and most beautiful tourist attractions in São Paulo state.

What do you like to do for fun? Relax? On weekends, holidays or during your deserved vacation time?

Enjoy amazing landscapes.
Hang-glide, raft down a river.
Enjoy the sun on a beautiful beach.
Ride a horse.
Dive, surf or fish.
Go on a hike.
Bathe in a waterfall.
Enjoy the coolness of the mountains.
Relax in a thermal water spring.
Pray and meditate in sacred places.
Drink medicinal water.

Visit our tourist cities:

BALNEÁRIAS (beach cities)
CLIMÁTICAS (enjoyable climate)
HIDROMINERAIS (mineral and thermal springs)
TURÍSTICAS (remarkable tourist attractions)

Find out the main tourist attractions, tips on what to do, how to get there, the best places for dining and lodging.
Choose your itinerary and enjoy the main tourist destinations in São Paulo state.

Have a nice trip and check back often at the São Paulo State Tourist Portal!