Special Touristic Attractions

Igaraçu do Tietê

Ecoturismo Esportes Pesca Religioso Gastronomia

River baths, river lock and fishing 

When we talk about boat rides in the Tietê River, many people recall the boat ride in Barra Bonita’s lock, but they forget that this very boat ride takes travelers to the neighboring town of Igaraçu do Tietê. 

River tourism is probably the most appealing attraction for tourists, since it is possible to cruise down the river on modern and comfortable boats. Next to the Barra Bonita dam there is a fish farming station designed to breed fishes and repopulate, maintain and balance the species of the river.

The itinerary can also be done by car, through Campos Salles bridge, which is 1 km long. Don’t miss the chance of diving into the clear waters of the Tietê River there. 

Main attractions

Maria do Carmo Abreu Sodré Beach, José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva Jardim Lock, Igaraçu Park, Nossa Senhora de Lourdes grotto, Santa Amália Farm, Campos Salles bridge, São José church, Luiz Saffi Historic Museum.

Main events

Carnival (February/March), City Anniversary (October), Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 


City Hall: www.igaracudotiete.sp.gov.br

Tourist Office: (55 + 14) 3644-1032

Getting there

Igaraçu do Tietê is 277 km from São Paulo.

Car: Rodovia Castello Branco (SP-280) until you reach Botucatu, then take SP-300 until you reach São Manuel, then take SP-255.

Bus:  Viação Santa Cruz  - www.viacaosantacruz.com.br - Phone: 0800-8880809

Buses depart from Terminal Rodoviário Barra Funda (São Paulo - SP).

Hotels and Restaurants


Igaraçu Palace Hotel  - R. Irmãos Périco, 50 - (55 + 14) 3644-1272 - www.igaracupalacehotel.com.br

Maravilha  - Praça Coronel Joaquim Ribeiro, 621, Praça da Matriz - (55 + 14) 3644-2660 - www.hotelmaravilha.com.br

Panorama Park Hotel Praia Maria do Carmo de Abreu Sodré, s/n - (55 + 14) 3644-1165/1174 - www.panoramaparkhotel.com.br


Clube de CampoEstrada do Bosque, s/n - (55 + 14) 3644-1102 - www.clubedecampodabarra.com.br

ReviverR. Nossa Senhora de Fátima, 858, Centro  - (55 + 14) 3644-1887