Beach City


Ecoturismo Aventura Esportes Pesca Sol e Praia Negócios e Eventos Gastronomia Cultural

Surf, beaches and waterfalls

Ubatuba is known as the “Capital of Surf” and features 70 beaches that please all types of tourists. 

Itamambuca is the right place for those looking for the best waves in the area. It hosts national and international championships and is usually packed with beautiful people flirting on the sand. Travelers who prefer a peaceful environment and a place to open up their parasols and enjoy the view, Picinguaba or Almada beaches are the best choices. For those who are traveling with children the charm are the calm waters of beaches such as Lázaro, Maranduba and Lagoinha. Nightlife is around Itaguá and Cruzeiro. 

Tourists can also visit waterfalls and treks amidst the Atlantic Forest.

Main attractions

Lagoinha Ruins, Ilha Anchieta State Park, Tamar Project, Aquarium / Sea Life Museum, Porto Manor, 102 beaches.

Main events

Summer Festival, Meeting of Folias de Reis (January), Carnival and Traditional Marchinha Songs Festival, Staging of the Passion of Christ (March), Atlantic Forest Festival, Saint Peter the Fisherman Feast (June), Divine Holy Spirit Feast, Amada Shrimp Festival (July), Caiçarada (August), City Anniversary, Festival of the Nations (October), Several sports events: swimming, surf, stand up paddle, sailing, running, biking. 


City Hall:

Tourist Office: (55 +12) 3833-9007 -

Tourist Information: (55 + 12) 3833-9123

Getting there

Ubatuba is 234 km from São Paulo.

Car: Ayrton Senna-Carvalho Pinto System (SP-070) until you reach exit 96 and then take Rodovia dos Tamoios (SP-099) until you reach Caraguatatuba and then take Rio-Santos (SP-055). 

Bus:  Viação Litorânea - - Phone: 0800-2853047

Buses depart from Terminal Rodoviário Tietê (São Paulo - SP).

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