Special Touristic Attractions


Ecoturismo Aventura Esportes Religioso Rural Gastronomia Cultural

Caves, trails and waterfalls

About 70% of the town area is covered by conserved Atlantic Rainforest, which made UNESCO grant Eldorado the title of "Biosphere Reserve World Heritage Site" in 1993. 

Situated in the Ribeira Valley, Eldorado is home to several caves, the best known of which is the Gruta da Tapagem or Caverna do Diabo (Devil’s Cave), with spacious galleries and impressive rock formations, such as walkways that enable pleasurable tours. Several trails in the forest and waterfalls explain the town’s nickname: “The Eldorado of Ecotourism.” 

Products made of banana, such as candies, sweets and jams, are a local tradition. The town still conserves its origins and culture from the quilombola communities, formed in the past by escaped slaves.

Main attractions

Sapatu Waterfall, Tapagem Grotto (Devil’s Cave), Cruzeiro Belvedere, Salto da Usina, Vale das Ostras, Ivaporunduva Quilombo.

Main events

City Anniversary (March), Rodeo (July), Patroness Feast (September), Xiririca Canoeing Championship (September). 


City Hall: www.eldorado.sp.gov.br

Tourist Office: (55 + 13) 3871-1552

Bus Station: (55 + 13) 3871-3319

Getting there

Eldorado is 250 km from São Paulo.

Car: Rodovia Régis Bittencourt (BR-116) until you reach Jacupiranga (enter the city) and then take Rodovia SP-193. 

Bus:  Intersul Transportes e Turismo - www.intersul-transporte.com.br - Phone: (55 + 11) 3392-7566

Buses depart from Terminal Rodoviário Barra Funda (São Paulo - SP).

Hotels and Restaurants


Pirâmide Hotel  - Av. Mal. Castelo Branco, 157, Centro  - (55 + 13) 3871-1426 - www.piramidehotel.com.br

Pousada Ecológica Recanto Encontro das ÁguasEstrada Eldorado/Sete Barras, km 03, Bananal Pequeno  - (55 + 13) 3871-3331  - www.recantoencontrodasaguas.com.br

Sítio Pousada Arapassú  - Estrada da Usina, km 07, Usina - (55 + 13) 3871-1418  - www.sitiopousada.com.br


Restaurante KavernaCaverna do Diabo State Park - (55 + 13) 3871-1241

Restaurante Paraíso dos Anjos  - Rod. SP-165, close to the cave’s cloverleaf, Comunidade - Quilombola do André Lopes - (55 + 13) 3871-1241 

Restaurante e Lanchonete Paraty Av. Mal. Castelo Branco, 73, Centro - (55 + 13) 3871-1361