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Monte Alegre do Sul

Ecoturismo Esportes Rural Gastronomia Cultural

Mountains, historic houses and traditional beverages

Protected by the last mountains of the Mantiqueira range, in the Camanducaia River valley, Monte Alegre do Sul is 700 meters above sea level. Its flowery meadows are perfect for hiking, biking or just driving leisurely. 

The style of its houses, which date back to the 19th century, reveals the influence of Italian immigrants, who were attracted by the town’s mountain climate, ideal for growing strawberries and grapes, which are used in the local production of grappa (distilled beverage made with grapes) and wine. 

Later on, the town started to plant sugarcane and today travelers can find 27 alambiques (cachaça distilleries) there, where it is possible to buy this typical Brazilian brandy straight from local producers.

Main attractions

Balneário Municipal (Water Resort), Centro Histórico (Historic Center), Senhor Bom Jesus Sanctuary, Índia Fountain, Grappa and Cachaça Distilleries, Salmo XXIII Farm.

Main events

Patron Feast (August), Strawberry and Cachaça Show (August/September), City Anniversary (December). 


City Hall: www.montealegredosul.com.br and www.montealegredosul.sp.gov.br

Tourist Office: (19) 3889-1403

Getting there

Monte Alegre do Sul is 130 km from São Paulo. 

Car: Anhanguera-Bandeirantes System until you reach Jundiaí and then take Rodovia das Águas (SP-360), then SP-095.

Bus:  Rápido Fênix - www.rapidofenix.com.br - Phone: (55 + 11) 2221-3906

Buses depart from Terminal Rodoviário Tietê (São Paulo - SP).

Hotels and Restaurants


Riacho Verde  - Road to Amparo, 2 km, B. dos Francos - (55 + 19) 3899-1107  - www.riachoverdehotel.com.br

Ibiti Hotel Rural – Access via road to Pinhalzinho, 7 km, (1 km on dirt road) - (55 + 19) 3899-1518 - www.ibitihotelrural.com.br

Pousada Recanto dos Beija-Flores – Sítio Paiol, access via R. Joaquim Oliveira, Paiol de Telhas, 4 km (3 km on dirt road) - (55 + 19) 9822-8421- www.recantodosbeijaflores.com.br


Rancho Road to Pinhalzinho, Bairro do Lambedor, 4,5 km - (55 + 19) 3899-2802

Banana LeavesPraça Bom Jesus, 10, Centro - (55 + 19) 3899-2321 - www.bananaleaves.com.br